Sunday, October 30, 2011

DAD ~ 777

Some magic happened today!

After completing a few blog posts, I had a random thought in the back of my mind. "I really hope I see a cardinal today!" Shortly after that thought, I had to go outside in the freezing rain to walk my pup. There - over in my tree, a beautiful cardinal was there chirping at me! I smiled a big smile and my heart warmed with love. My thoughts had been heard. My tree out back had been empty of my lil chirps lately. All I had to do was notice and wish them back.
A few minutes later, as I headed to my car , I heard a beautiful bird singing. I looked to the sounds and saw high in the tree, my handsome Red Robin singing to me, icy rain and all! I thought to myself, "Dad, that's you Isn't it!?"

Shortly down the road, I noticed that the car in front of me had the license plate 777 RIP!!!! My dads favorite # was 7!!!

Is that confirmation or what?!?


Lark E. Kirkwood said...

Wow...we must talk....I will be back to comment more when I have more time. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your facebook page and then your blog.

Thoughts become things,


Jeni said...

Hi Lark!!!

How wonderful to have found you too!! :)
I'm happy to talk (or email or text of FB - hehe)....either way, YeS, lets connect! Let me know what the best way is...

Remember: Everything happens for a reason and "you are where you are supposed to be ~ always!"

xoxo Love,