Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mary in the Clouds

Something magical happened the other day (10/9/11)  ~ a gift for my mom from Mary of  Mary - OUR MARY in the clouds for only mom to see!

My most dear friend Mary Soliel, author of the book "I Can See Clearly Now ~ How Synchronicities Illuminate your Life", posted a beautiful picture of a cloud shaped like a heart on my FaceBook page, saying:

For Jeni,  May you keep sensing all the miracles around you. ♥ 

From this post, magic begins for my dear mom!  The conversation and comments go like this:

Me:  MARY!!!!  That is so beautiful ~ how did you know that I needed this?? Hehe - Synch!!

Mary:  Synch!! Not only that, it showed in notifications that  you commented at 5:55! LOL :o)

MOM:  I see MARY!!!!!!!

Me:  Wow!! Mary - my mom called me ecstatic - she sees our Mary plain as day shining like an angel.. She said she sees her eyes shining bright in a white flowing dress (empire style); her hair pulled back!!!

Mary:  Hi Sara, Jeni's Mom!! Amazing!! I have to share that I really felt to post this pic on your wall.  I was going to post a different cloud pic but 'felt to use this one.  i took this a few years ago in New Mexico and have used it many places.  After i posted it on your wall, for the first time I saw something other than the heart, I saw an image.  Wow...

Mom:  Thank you Mary ! What a beautiful miracle!  I saw my Mary in your very special picture!

Mom:  That is so powerful that you saw an image---that image I saw was my precious Mary!!!!

Mary:  So incredible... I am so happy for you, Sara!

Mary:  You created such lovely daughters!

Me:  Oh Mary!  I've been praying for a sign for my mom!!! You brought it to her... I've never heard my mom so happy since our Mary left! thank you Mary - so much - you're an angel!

Mary:  I'm deeply touched to hear this... Sara, this is the first of many. I am sure of that.

Jen Dio:  Wow!  This is incredible.  What an amazing way to end the weekend.  Mary, you're such an angel to bring a sign from Mary to Jeni and Sara.  What a gift!!!! This makes me so happy.

Mary:  Jen, you SSS's are the angels, I'm just the messenger, and am overjoyed at the outcome.

LOL ~ aren't you just loving all the Mary's, Jen's and M's?

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