Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Angels

I identified my angels this morning and what each one gives me in my life. 
As I was driving to the train yesterday morning, this "knowing" just came to me! It was right after my morning Serenity Prayer  which I say in my head at least a  few times. This morning I decided to speak to Mary ~ I told her how much I love her and acknowledge that she is with me. I told her I know we will never be apart and that "knowing" this was cool - I thought about my poem I wrote from heart to her the other morning. The one line: "I am who I am because of you" and it was then that I identified my angels. I believe it was Mary, my vibrant beautiful angel who whispered this to me!

Mary - love & faith 
  DAD - color & writing 
  Grandma Combs - cardinals & sunflowers 
  Uncle Ricky - crazy fun signs 
  Grandpa Walters - business direction 
  Mama K - compassion 

I know these aren't all of my angels, but only the ones I physically knew and loved.  I'm so filled with Spirit(s)!!!! So warm, loving and wise - it's as if I'm a conduit for their love and wisdom......

 I received these signs that same day in the streets of NYC 
~ 222 ~ angels are with me!

  Sharing with the world in hopes to be a power of example!


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I love the 222 number sync,Jeni.
That is what I call one of the haunting numbers,because it's one of those numbers that is always tuning up in my life.The others are 23,7,64,11:11 and 424.I know the significance of the last five,but it has always intrigued me about 222.
So I Google-d around and found some answers that seem to ring true for me personally...although I'm not suggesting that this applies to your situation at all,only mine.
One answer was ;
"In the little book of sacred numbers 222 is headed UNDERSTANDING and reads "You seem to have developed a deep understanding of the problems affecting the people you know.It is vital for you to remain open-minded about the secrets they share with you,the advice you offer them is precious."\this number also symbolizes wanderlust,departure,irresponsibility and negligence."

And on Wikipedia ;
"222 is a vision for the provision of a central referral point for community support services for Ireland. This vision includes a 24/7 Non Emergency Services number: 222, community information website: and a campaign group to lobby the Irish Government on issues such as suicide and self harm."
I thought that was interesting to me personally,since I attempted (and very nearly succeeded)that act about 27 years ago and had a cousin that hung himself not too long ago.So I can well understand the motivations and traumas from both sides of the fence...maybe that's the significance of that number in my life ? I can't really think of any other reason it would show up all time in my life.
I must say that 222 didn't turn up until after my dark night of the soul experience,while all the other numbers were playing parts in my life before that turning point.
I wondered why you find that number so intriguing? Not that you have to answer that question,you probably have already and I missed it.

Jeni said...

Thank you so much Brizdaz!! you always have the most interesting information :)! I love to learn - there is soooo much out there. The whole irish thing is interesting. I believe it's signs from my angels!!

as always, thanks for all your info! it's fun!!