Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Sister sign


I had a sign from my sis today.  

It's been a sad today as I've been talking to my BFF of 33 years  in Houston who's sad because it was today a year ago her sister Anita went to heaven.  

It got me thinking about my sis Mary, wondering if she met my bff's sister up there.  

On my rush to Penn Station I was stopped in my tracks at the date on  the sidewalk..... JULY 31!!!!!

My sister's Bday!!

I'll take that as a great big YES to my question.  What a happy thought.πŸ¦‹

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Sticker from Above

 It's official, I'm fully vaccinated!! 

I just left the place I got my shot and when I asked for a sticker at the check out point they said they didn't give them out there, only the nurses did πŸ₯Ί... I was bummed because they gave them after my first shot.  Yes I'm a baby and wanted my sticker (LoL), but oh well.  I considered going back to the nurse to ask for one but thought I would certainly look silly so I left.  

Well......I was halfway to my car and look what was in my path:

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Cardinal


A beautiful bright red cardinal flew in front of my car as I was driving down my street headed home with Easter treats.  I wasn't driving very fast and it was so close to my window that I caught a full glimpse of his brilliant redness.  I gasped and instantly felt a kind of pure love throughout my whole being, then, exhaling that gasp, a smile automatically spread across my face and I said Mary's name out loud without even thinking about it.  I knew I  had just received a visit and it was the most beautiful feeling.  Smiles all day!! 

I am truly #blessedandgrateful πŸ’—