Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who's Got Spirit?!!

Kelsey is a freshman in high school..... Can you believe it? This little teen has alot School Spirit ~

Here she is in her "FRIDAY Spirit uniform"! She is so excited to wear this every Friday so far during Football Season. All the kids bought these "Dickies" jumpsuits and decorated them with the school colors. Kelsey is so Creative, Energetic and full of Life!

Mary would be so proud! I am.

She went to her first highschool football game a few weeks ago and called me so excited about it. She loves the energy of the game. It's so wonderful to hear her happy like this.

P.S. She's going to the Homecoming dance in a few weeks.

She bought her first pair of high heels.... Oh boy! Stay tuned for that one.


THE Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, Jeni! I totally thought that was Mary! You're right, she would be so proud.

Jeni said...

Right?? When she sent this to me, my first reaction was a gasp. My breath was taken from me at first glance. Crazy huh? That happens when I talk to her sometimes too. I hear Mary in her voice here & there. It's nice :)....

Laurie Kolp said...

I know what you mean... she's a mini-Mary for sure. Glad she's enjoying HS.