Friday, March 14, 2014

A Friendship Meant to Be

There are no accidents - everything happens for a reason - RIGHT?

Well,  my newest friendship happened like that.  Christy Biggs......

I posted a comment saying how I would love to manifest Shajen Joy's "Ignite It! Own It! Live It!"  conference to NYC.  She currently has one planned in L.A. on March 29th. 

My comment was taken seriously and Shajen connected me to Christy to help make it happen.  We talked on the phone and I explained that although I would love to take the lead and make this happen, I am not able to due to my own career and busy life.  I offered to volunteer and be a part of it if it happens.  My "manifesting" was meant that I would put the wish out to the Universe and see what happens :)... It was a fun mistake.  I wished I could be more involved, but that is not where my life is today. 
During my conversation with Christy, I learned that she had just lost her sister 3 weeks ago.  We instantly connected and our friendship was born - meant to be!  Our sisters deaths are a connection that bonded us instantly and now we can share our experiences together and give comfort that will form into HOPE, give love that will form into INSPIRATION.

There are no accidents and no coincidences... this was a friendship meant to be! What a sweet gift sent from above through Shajen - our angel on earth!

Here is a post Christy posted on her FB wall to her sister (its just too beautiful not to share):

March 2 at 1:27am ·

My sweet, sweet big sister La Reine Renee. I'm so, so incredibly sorry. I love you. You- who taught me how to tie my shoes and sneak baby kittens into the house. (Going undetected for a whole hour!) I hate that this is the only way I know to say goodbye. Thank you for the gifts you've given to me. Hard and soft, fun and not so much fun... I learned a lot and I've loved more. I wished for so... much... more. So much more for you. I'm sorry for everything that caused you such pain. Forgive us. Please. And know always that You are utterly and completely forgiven. I love you. We all love you. You precious, gentle soul... Only us and God can know how wildly BIG your heart is. But W/we do. Fly, amazing woman turned free soul- fly to your highest, most positively yummiest heaven. And if you can... and I KNOW YOU CAN... keep going. Keep going, keep going, keep going... through the Light that You Are and into Eternity. I love you. Until me meet again. My heart to You.

This was my dads favorite song - I can hear his beautiful voice now. 
We played it at his funeral too.....

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