Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Mary

I cried today ~ mixing my tears with the shower drops ~ I was just so overwhelmed by the fact that my sister is gone and worse yet, her children don't have her anymore.

I just couldn't imagine..... it just doesn't seem fair. Mary was such a wonderful person and all she ever wanted to do was be a mommy. She'd said that for more years than I can remember. Mama Mary... that's what she called herself.

It just pains me to think that her little dreams she gave birth to don't get to experience their life with her. She treasured them and had so much love, encouragement and enthusiam to give them. I will love them extra as long as I live and remind them that they will always have me! That is my credo and will live it out the best I can. For me, for them, for Mary........... I believe love has wings and strings and there is a permanant line from Texas to New York!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Jeni- I know the holidays are difficult. I thought about Mary, too...and then we got our stuff out to decorate the tree and their was the cardinal ornament with her picture. But this year it was easier for me and I am so grateful to be close to your connection to Texas.

We got the beautiful wedding picture today. You look so beautiful, and I can see some Mary in you =). Take care.