Sunday, January 22, 2012

$5 from Heaven

I bought a couple random cards today to send to Kelsey and Brett, Mary's lil angels.

I wanted to put a little something in each card before I sealed them. So, I checked my wallet and saw that I only had one $5 and a few $1's.... that wasn't going to work :(.
(You have to admit, its so much more fun getting a card with money in it. My dad always did that.)

I decided to take my Honey dog out for a quick doggy break. I saw my neighbor with his little dog Guy & started talking as our dogs were running all over the snow. Cardinals were everywhere. He mentioned he had a friend who is a bird watcher and I told him about my cardinal. He said the cardinal story gave him chills....

Then, as if out of nowhere I saw a $5 bill sitting in the snow near him. I pointed to the $5 bill and asked my neighbor, "Hey is that yours?" He said "No. I checked my money this morning and didn't have any $5 bills"........
I said, "REALLY? We've been out here and I think you even walked by that area".
He walked over to it and said, "No, not mine. Here, you take it"...... then he looked a little startled and said, "Wow, that appeared out of nowhere!"

YES, it did!
Well, not really "nowhere"..... $5 straight from HEAVEN ~ Amazing!

Hehe - it was meant for Mary's lil angels! She knew I needed another $5!



Linda Armstrong said...

I absolutely love this story! What a soul connection you have with Mary. This is such an inspiring story. It really reinforces my belief in our connection with Universal energy. For you in this story, your connection to your Sister. So amazing!

Laurie Kolp said...

This is amazing, Jeni.