Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Trip just for Mama

I said I was going to make some changes in 2012. One of them is that my family was going to take a front seat in my priorities this year. That means more trips to TEXAS!

I just bought my tickets to fly to Corpus Christi this month to be with my mom. I told mom this trip was dedicated to her. I know this means a lot to her and that means a lot to me. She has been a mom with so much love for her children and for that I am grateful and will do anything I can to be there for her. I love my mom so much! She is having a catheter abilation for her heart flutter and speedy pulse rate and I want to be there for her in the recovery. Looks like we are ALL going to be there.

Tickets weren't cheap, but for some reason I just didn't care. I didn't worry... I had a faith that this was angel money appearing. Plus my BFF Tina lives in Corpus these days and said she'll pick me up. It's only 20 minutes to Port Aransas... she also mentioned that she works for the Port Home Health and said if mom needed a home nurse to check on her, she can make that happen .... how comforting was that?!

My sister Lisa and her beautiful family will be making the trip from San Antonio to be with us in Port Aransas (aka ~ Port A). YAY! Now all we need is our brother David who lives in Houston and maybe even Kelsey and Brett, all the way from Beaumont..... it's a bit challenging with my family spread throughout Texas EVERYWHERE!!!

I was having a textversation with my lil brother yesterday morning, informing him of all the details. He said he will make it happen and make a trip to be with us. YAY! Now, the creative part comes in where it will take some team effort: Kelsey and Brett live the furthest away from Port A... close to 5 1/2 hours. BUT, since their Uncle Dave is headed to Port A for sure, the kids could hitch a ride with him if they can get from Beaumont to Houston with the help of Grandma Jojo... Kelsey loved that idea and thought it would be awesome to spend that time with Uncle Dave and then to surprise Grandma Sara. That just warms my heart to hear her say that. Those kids need as much family as they can get. (I pray their dad doesn't do what he did last Christmas when Uncle Dave tried to see them ~ say okay, then act like they had something to do when they didn't). David is all for the road trip with the kids.

I was having this textversation with my brother Dave, niece Kelsey and BFF Tina while commuting on the railroad to NYCity to work yesterday morning. I was so happy with all these wonderful connections and loving how it was all working out. I took a deep breath, a smile ran across my face and my heart felt warm. I looked up from my phone and out the window after receiving my last text with my brother: "Whatever I need to do I will ok. I'll be there ok! Promise! Keep me updated I'm here for family. I'll take care of it for sure! And I LOVE YOU AND OUR FAMILY! :)"

I was full of content and bliss. I felt Mary's presence and knew she was happy about all this family connection. Then, at that exact moment that I was feeling this love and looked out the window I saw a big piece of cement wall with the name DAVE spray painted on it! I went from bliss to mind blowing numbness... then I smiled to myself and did a little giggle. What an amazing sign!

I hear you Mary - I hear you!!!! I'm excited too!

I couldn't get a picture of DAVE on the cement since we were in transit, so I'm posting this precious picture of David at Mary's grave last year.........

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