Friday, February 24, 2012

My own Chicken Soup for the Soul

Messages from Heaven ~ the newest Chicken Soup for the Soul book to come out 2/28/12. How wonderful to know that there are so many stories out there. Stories that have brought love, comfort, confirmations and I'm sure faith, to so many lives. When I heard about this topic for the book and that they were accepting stories I thought, "Oh My ~ which story do I tell?! or do I?! I have my own book to tell!"..... In the end, I decided to put a story together and submit it. Well, fortunately or unfortunately, my submission wasn't one of the 101. That's okay, I'm not sad or worried about it. It was not meant to be. I am beyond grateful that I have my stories and love to share them here.

Here is my own Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ Message from Heaven:


On March 22nd, 2008 my worst nightmare became a reality when I received the tragic news that my younger sister, Mary, had passed away. She was only 35 years old at the time. Mary was an incredibly beautiful and vibrant soul. She was full of life, positive energy, and boundless joy. Her beauty radiated from the depths of her soul and touched everyone around her. She was greatly and intensely loved by all who knew her. Mary and I were powerfully connected and leaned on one another throughout our entire lives. There wasn’t anything that we would not do for each other. We shared an extraordinary bond and a deep love that could not ever be broken.

My world shattered the day my sister left this Earth. I was overcome with grief and horrific pain. I felt a loss that consumed my heart and soul. Every waking moment was filled with agony and despair. I could not believe she was gone and I did not know how to cope. I was truly a broken soul.

Nearly a month after Mary’s passing my grief still overwhelmed me as I cried out for my sister, unable to accept the reality that she was gone. I found it difficult to function and finding the strength to make it through the days was becoming unbearable. Then, I had a dream, a dream that would change my entire world. It would be a dream that would completely turn my life around and nothing would ever be the same. I went to bed as usual, sobbing uncontrollably as I missed my sister, remembering all of the wonderful times we had and love we shared. Before long, as if by a miracle, I fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. It would be the first time since Mary's passing that I would sleep like that.

My sister came to me that night. She looked stunningly beautiful. Her eyes sparkled like stars from the sky, her lips were glossed, and her hair looked as soft as silk. She radiated an incredible glow and truly resembled an angel from Heaven. I was in awe of her and felt a peace and comfort in her presence. The energy that I remember feeling was amazing, nothing that I could justly describe or explain. She moved very close to me until we met face to face. When she finally spoke, her words came out smoothly and softly, comforting me during my time of distress and anguish. She told me not to worry, that she was okay, and that she was helping others. I'll never forget the last of her words when she told me "to start living with joy and love".

I woke up from that dream a changed woman. Although I awoke with tears on my cheeks, they were not tears of sorrow, but rather tears of an overwhelming sense of comfort and joy. The emotions I experienced during and after that dream have not only stayed with me, but have grown stronger as the years have passed.

From then on, I knew that Mary was always with me. Since the night of my dream, extraordinary signs and synchronicities have started to appear. I have been blessed with countless magical occurrences and events that continually amaze me. Many of them have been unique and specific to our relationship, as if she and I were having private conversations. However, Mary's devotion has not stopped with me, but has also been shared with many others as they begin to see and notice her signs of love and faith.

When my sister left this Earth, she left behind two young children, ages 9 and 11. I cherish and adore my sister's children and have taken a very strong interest in their lives since her passing. Sadly, we live across the country from one another, so for one week, every summer, I fly them to my home and we spend quality time together. The first summer after their mother passed away, they arrived on her birthday, and something truly miraculous happened.

I had been living in my home for eight years and continuously had trouble with the light fixture in the bathroom. It had been repaired numerous times in the past to no avail, and when it did work, it would malfunction within a day or two. After years of repair, it was finally left as is and was not given a second thought. Miraculously, the day the kids flew in, on their mother's birthday, that light radiated just as their mother always did. It flawlessly glowed that day, and every single day they were here, all the way up until their departure a week later. When I returned home from dropping them back off at the airport, I found that the light had gone out, and it has not worked since.

I receive signs from my sister all of the time. From Cardinal birds, to orbs in photos, through messages from strangers and friends alike, Mary has been able to communicate and comfort me in truly remarkable ways. I would not expect anything less from such an angelic and compassionate soul. I miss her dearly and her loss pains me, but I no longer travel through life with the burden and despair that I did before. My three and a half year journey since my sister's passing has been filled with miraculous signs and messages that have proven to me that LOVE DOESN’T DIE!

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