Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magical Morning

Hopes come alive and wishes come true. My trip to see my mom was scheduled for a Friday, her heart procedure was scheduled for Thursday, the day before. When I made the plans I figured mom would be okay with her friend Eddie taking her to the hospital and hoping my lil sister Lisa was going to drive down to be with her. Then as the days got closer, it wasn't looking like Lisa could easily make it there on Thursday. She was planning on "making it happen", but it wasn't easy. I had faith that it was going to work out, but I still had a worry. I started to think about the trip into the hospital and mama's fears of the scope they had to do. Then afterwards and the next morning. I was thinking "One of her kids HAS to be there - has to!!". I was starting to feel guilty for not taking that Thursday off.

Here we are just one day before her procedure and I was still hanging onto the hope that Lisa would be able to make it there early. The Cardinals were particularly LOUD this morning. As I was walking my pup in the dark of the early morning, one flew so close to me it almost hit me in the head. Made me giggle as it seemed like it wanted my attention. As I was getting ready for work, I saw that I got a text from my brother David late last night. The text said that he was going to drive to mom tomorrow to be there before and after the surgery, instead of on the weekend. AMAZING ~ MAGICAL! I never mentioned any of my concerns to my brother at all. This was incredible news, it was the angels at work. They heard my prayers, hopes and wishes and made it happen! It was a good thing too. Mom's heart stopped for 28 seconds and they ended up putting in a pacemaker. I knew he needed to be there, Mary knew he needed to be there and I'm so grateful it happened.

The only bad part of him coming up was that meant Mary's kids wouldn't make it to see their Grandma Sara because they would have to drive with their Uncle Dave and they could only go on the weekend. This was sad, but something inside me kept saying, "this isn't really that kind of trip. It's a mom trip to help her rest and recover." I still had some worry that the kids would be mad or disappointed. I prayed they would understand.

The morning only got better. On my way to the train, I felt a nudge to turn on the radio. The song "Hey Soul Sister" started playing on the radio as soon as I turned it on. I felt so warm and fuzzy inside. I was so happy for all these signs. Then I felt Mary speak to me. She told me not to worry that the kids can't make trip ... They will be okay.

What a magical magical morning! I was giggling with joy!!!
All is happening as it should....

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