Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - Day of Signs

I had an amazing thing happen this morning as I was leaving my neighborhood.

I was driving through, looking up at the leaveless trees thinking, "Where are you Mary? Where are you? I'm really missing you today!"
No cardinal, but I did get a nudge to turn on the radio. A song I'd never heard before with the chorus "Everywhere I go I see your smile" was ending. I thought, "Awww, that's me about Mary!"

Then as soon as that song ended, the song "Hey Soul Sister" came on - I can't even describe my excitement!!
Mary - Mary - Mary, so attached to my soul!! She is with me....she actually hears me. Woohooooo!

As the day went on, so many number signs were EVERYWHERE! After the fun trip to the train, I got into NYCity.... headed to a meeting uptown to have my annual review, I happen to look up and see this address: 888 8th Ave!Then I caught this plate with 111!

I had a wonderful review and even got a little raise. I am so grateful for my job and don't expect anything, especially in today's economy, so when I got this news, I have to say, it was an answer to a secret prayer.

I left my meeting happy as can be and as I am about to walk into my own building, I saw a little red car parked outside with 444.Then to top it all off, I got this text from my precious niece Kelsey:

I am so blessed by my Angels......

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