Friday, May 13, 2011

How to train your Nephew (to smile for you)!

Brett mentioned to me a while ago that he wanted the XBox game "How to train your Dragon".....
I was going to buy it for him since he made the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society), but had been putting it off.
So........, I was talking to Kelsey the other night and asked her to take a picture of him for me and this is what I got:Yeah, yeah.... I know! What the heck, where is that gorgeous smile? I asked Kelsey to take another one but he won't sit still or stay put for Kelsey. Sooooo, I text her: "Tell Brett that if he gives you a smile for me I will go on-line and buy him "How to train your Dragon" Xbox game right now on Amazon." She said she showed him the text and he completely spazzed out.

He finally calmed down and 5 minutes later Kelsey was able to capture this:

This is what I was looking for! He's got a smile that lights up any room..... Just like his mommy!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Boys are like that sometimes...