Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kelsey's Blissful Birthday Bash

The party began with its first visitor, a little red feathered friend!
Kelsey's Birthday is at the end of May and her best friend Hannah's is in the middle of May. They put their heads and hearts together and planned a combined Pool Party Birthday with invitations, cake, friends, music, swimming and even a pinata!

They have the nickname "Lil Beasties".... They chose Saturday May 7th for their Birthday celebration. Both girls put so much work went into this party! Kelsey started texting me and sending me pictures from the beginning to the end. I felt the excitement through the phone.
As the girls were getting ready for their big event, Kelsey started texting me around 12:30:

Kelsey: saw 2 cardinals already!!:D

Jeni: That's so awesome!!!!!

Kelsey: i know it was showing off too its not leaving either:)

Jeni: I bet it's your mom!!!!! That's so beautiful.... I'm smiling so big & my heart is melting!

Kelsey: :) awww me tooo

Jeni: It's gunna be an awesome day!

Kelsey Text at midnight: :) i had soooo much fun im so sad its over:(

Although I wasn't there physically, I felt like I was there because of the connectiveness Kelsey and I share! She is in my heart and I am in hers so wherever I am, she is and wherever she is, I am!
Together with love and compassion our hearts are on mend!

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Laurie Kolp said...

How sweet... you are such a wonderful aunt (and friend). I'm so glad you two are healing...