Thursday, May 12, 2011

Angels Among Us

It's so amazing, I had just told my baby sister Lisa that I truly believed that she is an angel on earth and I wanted to dedicate a blogpost to her. And, then I read the second paragraph of Chapter 15 in Mary Soliel's beautiful book "I Can See Clearly Now - How Synchronicity Illuminates your Life", the title of this chapter is "Angels among us".

Here is the paragraph:

"Imagine what it would be like to have a best friend who loves you, maybe even more than you love yourself. Always right at your side, this friend offers constant and unconditional love and support. When you seek success, this friend is your greatest cheerleader. If you act irresponsibly or in a hurtful manner, this friend still loves you even if you don't think you deserve to be loved. When you feel alone, this friend never leaves you. But what if you have this ideal friend without even knowi it? and, because you aren't aware, you don't acknowledge or feel gratitude for what this friend constatly does for you?"

BUT I DO KNOW IT :)! Mary Soliel is talking about angels here and I connect it to my sisters. My sisters HAVE loved me through some of the roughest times in my life. Especially the time when I was lost in life and battling some horrific demons.
My first thought when I read these words was of my sweet sister Mary and how amazingly true these words were to our relationship. I spent some time reflecting on that thought and feeling gratitude that I had an angel for a sister on earth, who continues to be my angel in my life from the heavens. THEN - a lightbulb went off.... "Holey Moley - I have two angels that are my sisters" - how lucky I am! I only thought of Mary first because she was so vocal about being my #1 fan and always cheering me on. Lisa does the same, but in a more reserved and quiet sweet way. My two Angels, very different but yet very much the same! Yes, they both were cheerleaders too - hehe!

Come to think of it, I have many angels! My dad was one, my MOM is one, my brother is even an angel with his unconditional love. I have also been lucky to have friends who have loved me unconditionally for the last 25+ years: Leah, Sallie & Tina!! Since I am naming my angels... CHAD, CHAD, CHAD! He is and continues to be my angel. He has proven his unconditional love to me for the last 17 years of our relationship. His family too - REALLY!!! Charlotte, Anthony, Nancy, Courtney, Brattney, Chris.......

Boy oh boy, I wasn't expecting this blogpost to turn out this way. It started out for Mary and she seemed to whisper these reminders in my ear. Just like Mary, saying its not all about her - she spreads the truth. How fortunate that I can hear! I know there are more as I can tell as I meet them!

So, sweet sister Lisa - I dedicate this blogpost to you! I hope you know that I love you more than words can say!


The Mendez Family said...

That was soooo sweet Jeni!! I really, really love that quote! If I am able to love like that then I must give credit where credit is due~ Jesus' love within shining out! As I mulled over each thought and sentence in that qoute I could hear Jesus' voice saying "I am that friend!" So wonderful that we have a God that knows and loves us so completely and uncondtionally!
Thank you for letting God's flow through you to me and so many, sis! I love you too!

maureen d. said...

What a cute picture!

Laurie Kolp said...

Thanks for reminding us that angels are all around... love you!