Friday, May 6, 2011

Synchro Sisters & A Cardinal Visit

So many wonderful people are being brought into my path lately ~ and beautiful relationships are being formed through like minded life experiences. One of these people is Lesley Roy- the director of the Synchro Project. On December 15, 2010, I found her, reached out to her to praise her work she's been doing with the Synchro Project, we connected immediately, spoke for hours, finally met at the Synchro Salon in NYC and then made some time of our own on May 2, 2011! We have nicknamed ourselves "Synchro Sisters"! I love it! She is very special to me and I cherish our new found friendship (old souls).

She even had a cardinal visit which brought her some comfort in a time of crisis after a horrific snow storm. She snapped this picture and then explained to me in an e-mail that I have here below:

"......I was really on the verge of tears while talking to my insurance agent, when suddenly, I looked out of my kitchen window and saw this most beautiful blazing Red Cardinal - staring at ME!!!! I have never seen a Cardinal in winter around here...or for that matter...maybe only once or twice in the last twenty years. So when this handsome fella was looking in my direction, I was shocked and amazed. Red really is the color of Synchronicity. I immediately thought of you and your Cardinal Synchros, and I was instantly snapped back into the reality of the moment...don't worry -be HAPPY! Nature is a wonderful reminder to be present and just breathe. I have wanted to share this with you since it happened........Love your Synchro Sista"

It's so wonderful to share my cardinal with my wonderful new friend!

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Laurie Kolp said...

How sweet! I'm so glad you two have found each other.

Love ya!