Monday, March 9, 2015

A Pendant of Hope from Mary

Isn't is a fun little wonder when something crosses your path and you immediately felt it was meant to be.  I call this a synchronicity.

Through social media (Instagram),  I came across this lil jewelry maker from Austin, Texas just a couple weeks before the anniversary of my Mary's passing... the name of the company was "Bee Mary" Jewelry and the item that caught my eye was a pretty pendant with the word HOPE on it.

I felt a strong attraction to this lil pendant of hope.  I reached out & before I knew it I bought it.   I first thought it was for me but almost immediately, i felt a soft nudge that said "No, this is for Kelsey!" -  Mary's daughter.  She was having some tough times in her first year in college at this moment and needed a lil hope.  Coincidentally,  this one of kind pendant happened to be Kelsey's two favorite colors:  purple and pink.  It was meant to be.

I reached out to the owner of  and asked her the meaning behind "Bee Mary"... the owner confirmed what I knew in my heart.....

I truly believe Mary guided me to this gift and had me buy it for her daughter.  
A Gift from Above.

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