Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dad Visit - March 2007 - Signs from Above

I realized that I hadn't written about something pretty significant that actually happened to both Mary and I just days apart and 2000 miles away. March 2007! A sign from above. I have it documented in my journal and even found the letters to and from Mary.....

Mary and I were writing letters to each other for a couple years. I have hundred's of them. There was a time when we couldn't talk to each other over the phone so we wrote....every single day. 2000 miles apart, but always in our hearts!

Mary wrote to me about something that happened to her on Sunday, March 3, 2007. She was in the gymnasium with over 300 girls. One of them decided to stand up and sing "Wind Beneath my Wings" - this is the song that was played at our dad's funeral in 1993. Very significant song. Mary went on to tell me how normally she is able to remove herself from "the situation" when she hears this, but this time was different. She started shaking and crying uncontrollable. She ran to the bathroom to hide from the pain that she was still feeling inside. She went on to write:

I knew Dad was with ME - He was Jeni! I saw Him and I said "Dad take me to be with you, Please!" I swear i saw his face and he said "Not yet - Not yet" he said it twice. how crazy is that?

While that happened to Mary March 3rd, I still hadn't known about this yet because we couldn't call each other at this time. On Wednesday, March 6, 2007 I had my own visit from our dad. I was driving to the train on this morning headed to NYC. All of a sudden out of nowhere I felt my dad's presence in my car with me. Don't ask me how. I just knew. At this point, he has been gone 14 years and in all these years i have never had this happen. I wasn't scared, I wasn't even that shocked for some reason. I felt very comfortable.

He quickly and in a flash reminded me of the things he had taught me such as the power of forgiveness and allowing things to be water under the bridge...He told me he was proud of me for taking care of Mary and everything I was doing was good. He reminded me of how I am his Angel and then I mentally thanked him for being mine. He told me to stay warm, wear my hat and enjoy life today, that I will be appreciated and discovered soon. (He-he.... funny dad - he always said that to me and he always called me his angel.) He went on to tell me a quick little joke. "Life is too short to be so damn serious!"

Yup, that was it! Amazing.... it all happened in a matter of seconds.

I was so excited, I couldn't wait to tell Mary. I wrote her a letter immediately. You can only imagine my surprise that as I was mailing this story to her, I received her letter to me about her visit.

Those were some tough times for Mary and because I loved her so much and did everything I could mentally and physically every single day, they were tough on my heart and soul too. I felt everything she did. It's as if we are twins.... that's how connected I was/am to Mary. Our dad visiting us was a gift from above in a time of need.

We were comforted! Amazed and connected! A sign that we are not alone!!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Jeni~ Thanks so much for sharing these uplifting synchronicities! I remember Mary telling me about this. Your blog offers so much hope and comfort. Love you! ~laurie