Friday, April 8, 2011

Sister Love

I just love this picture of Mary and me!

We look so happy ~ because we were!!

This was the first time she met my Chad and

the first time we were meeting her soon to be husband Brian.

They came through Houston for the meet in 1994!

Mary has such a beautiful glow in this picture..... We both did when we were together. I loved how much we loved each other. Our admiration and respect became stronger as we grew older.... it was great having a best friend related to you. The bond was unconditional. It's like you can't do wrong in the eyes of that loved one! Wow ~ how lucky we were.

Boy do I miss my best friend, my sister Mary!


Bee said...

I feel so sad for you that you've lost your sister -- and best friend.

I was talking about sibling relationships with my mother the other day, and mostly we observed relationships between siblings which aren't close at all. As I was reading this I also thought how fortunate you were to feel that way about your sister.

Jeni said...

Oh Bee ~ that is so sweet! You put a smile in my heart today....
Yes, I was lucky. I guess the secret is the respect and admiration each has for each other rather than jealousy and competitive. I'm still lucky I have another sister and a brother too). thank you Bee for making my day - xoxo

Laurie Kolp said...

Thanks for sharing the precious memories... Mary is still with you!