Friday, April 22, 2011

Mary Blog - Forms a Life of its Own..

I started this blog in honor of Mary! It's all in honor of Mary - still - always - forever!
Originally I thought it was going to be a place to post Mary memories or notes to her; a place our family and her friends could cherish her ....

Well, the blog came to life ~ I should have known it would ~ with Mary involved and all. She always brought life wherever she was. Why would my Mary blog be any different?

Each day that passed, I became closer and closer to her children, so I started posting updates of my connections with them. (Afterall they are a part of Mary)

Then I decided this would be an appropriate place to Cherish our dads memory......

Finally: The incredible phenomenons that have occurred since I began this blog, have made their home here too! The cardinals, orbs, signs and synchronicities! They ARE connected to Mary, they began with her....

Mary and the heavens above have changed my world..... have given me a newfound faith in life after life as we know it.... continues to put adventures in my path where I am learning and growing as I explore. The people and interests in my life are being placed here ~ The only thing I'm doing is: being open, listening and enjoying.

So now my blog is still ALL ABOUT MARY, but it goes a little deeper and the branches are in bloom!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Yes it has and will continue to blossom and GROW, Jeni. There are no accidents here. This blog is divinely inspired, I just know it.