Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kelsey Synchro

I was talking to my neice Kelsey last night and telling her how wonderful I think she is. She is so wise for her 14 years and sees the world with such positivity. She loves to inspire and help people. She cares so much. With all she has been through with losing her mommy - it just amazes me. After giving her my words of love, she said something that went straight to my heart and tickled it! Her words: "You know Aunt Jeni, I'm so grateful for my family and friends and all the support I have, but I think it's because of you that I am this way... you are my role model"!!
My heart melted!

Shortly after that phone conversation, I received t a text from Kelsey that was so exciting..... Here is the exact text from Kelsey:
:) love ya and that song that was played at moms funeral just came on the tv after one of the movies me & her loved:) 50 first dates:) it was awesome!

Kelsey has recognized her first synchronicity..... She was watching the movie "50 First Dates" (one of her and her mommy's favorite movies!) and immediately following, her mommy's funeral song came on the TV, "I'll be Missing you" ~ by P. Diddy. Mary is still with her.... i've been telling her that and i think she is believing it now with her heart!


Laurie Kolp said...

Beautiful and sweet. Kelsey sure is growing up to be like her momma and aunt! xoxo

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

WOW!! Now I'm spooked.You have to read my latest post,called
"”But Dylan’s Not Dead” ”Oh...Isn’t He?” ,and I suggest you click on all the links in that post,because I talk about having to stand through a performance of an Aboriginal guy named Gurrumul.I had no choice,if I wanted to see Dylan (because Dylan wouldn't let them use the big TV screens to beam his gig onto,unlike every other singer that was there).I would have been at the tent next door,watching the rest of Elvis Costello's set,and maybe a bit of Grace Jones's gig.
Gurrumul has such an angelic voice (even though I have no idea what he is singing about half the time,unless he sings in English) that I'm thinking about buying a copy of his CD.
I put a link to a song that he sung to us while we were waiting to see Dylan (although this clip is not from his Bluesfest performance)'s a very haunting song.But I also noticed that there was a clip of him singing with Sting (I love Sting way more than I love Dylan,and I've seen Sting live twice),so I included a link to that clip as well,in my post...but,I kept getting this nagging feeling that this song is way more important to someone in my circle (whatever that meant?),than to me personally.
I just shrugged it off,and thought who cares? I like Sting,anyway,and I'm a new fan of Gurrumul,buy some weird twist of fate.So I'll put it up just for my entertainment,if for nobody else's.
That song is "Every Breath You Take",which of course is the tune P Diddy flogged to make his song "I'll be Missing you".
I've seen you comment on Trish and Rob's "Synchrosecrets" blog,but I'm not really interested in other people's blogs unless synchronicity guides me there.
And I thought it was odd that you had commented at Mary Soliel's blog,that you had just read her book.Because I had just finished it as well,and had a ton of syncs while reading it.That's when I decided to come over and have a read of your blog,and when I got to this post I knew that clip was for you.I knew Bluesfest was going to be synchronisticly important in my life,but I just didn't realize just how important at the time.And I just know there is a heap more syncs to process from that night still.
It's all just so mind-boggling,Hollywood couldn't write a script this weird.

Cheers / Daz