Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mary Visits

Signs are always here! Signs that our loved ones are near. When we receive them, they are such a gift.  We just KNOW....

I was texting with Courtney, my sister in law, asking her if she had any prom like dresses for Kelsey.  She was going to the Jr. Prom - didn't want to buy a dress really unless she had to.  She said next year was the big one - her Sr. Prom of course. So I went to the "cool fashion source" in our family ~ Courtney!   Courtney happened to have a few to part with that Kelsey could try! 

As I was texting Courtney how special it would be for Kelsey to wear something of ours Courtney excitedly interupted with this text:

 "Omg - a girl on the radio just said, HI I'm Mary!"


LOL - Mary's energy was always to strong when she was excited - I  had a feeling when she passed on that her energy would come through!  I know Mary was here - excited for her lil Kelsey and excited that Courtney and I were helping her.

Well her visit doesn't stop there on this day......
My hubby Chad (Courtney's brother) texts me soon after:
"Kelsey's pic flew off the wall right in front of me literally as I was looking at."
He said it just randomly out of the blue did a somersault right before his eyes and landing on the floor without breaking.  WOW!
Funny thing lately..... we've had a family friend come over lately to watch Honey dog when we go out and a couple times we've come back to him saying, "There is a spirit in here messing with me!  I come back from walking the dog to the TV moved......" (the TV is on a swivel stand).  

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