Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, tomorrow is th SuperBowl.... Man's big day. I usually don't get very "involved" but I do know who it is that plays each year and I make a mental note of who's team i will be cheering for. Can't be a superbowl bah humbug right? In all my years of Super Bowl participation ~ NEVER EVER have I heard of the "Cardinals". I didn't even know there was a football team called the cardinals. It sounds more like a baseball team if you ask me. It doesn't matter. All I know is:
"this is the year of the Cardinal".....

My sweet competitive Mary! Miss triathelete, champion rollerblader and super hot swim coach!

Why do I think you had something to do with the Cardinals making the Super Bowl???

Oh, Almost forgot, thank you for being with Davey on his canoe race in San Marcos... he told me he saw a few cardinals following him. He even saw a beagle dog(like dad's) follow him..... It's nice to know he is being looked after by you & dad. It allows my worry to cut in half! It's pretty neat he is able to see the signs too. I'm happy for that. Some people are just oblivious. I'm sad for them because the signs are so comforting and meaningful.

GO CARDINALS!!!! SuperBowl 2009 ~ The Year of the Cardinal!


Laurie Kolp said...

I agree- it's no coincidence. I'll be rooting for the CARDINALS, too!

Susan said...

I don't follow football at all, but this year I'm watching and rooting for the Cardinals!!! Thanks Mary, Go Cardinals.
love ya Jeni