Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

FATHERS DAY ~ Today is a day that I used to always look forward to when my dad was alive. I loved giving him presents. He was not a materialistic person so I loved buying him new things. Any chance to spoil my dad ~ I jumped on it. In my book, he deserved everything and then some.

Have you ever heard that expression, "He was so kind he would give his shirt off his back for you".... That was my dad! He gave everything away to help another human being who needed more than him.

Everytime I went to his home he would look through his cupboards and say, "do you need this? or some of this? or this?".....

My dad was such a wonderful dad. He was not wealthy materially, but the abundance of love and wisdom he had is the wealth that counts.

I know my dad is still with me. It was 8 years ago (on Father's Day) that I ended up in the hospital to get the help i needed and then again that year (on my dad's death Day 9-9) that I ended up there again. I didn't realize it at the time that these days were those days. I see them now as signs that my dad was helping me get the help I needed. He is not with me physically, but I feel his presence and love with me everyday.

I'd like to share a quote with you that I feel relates to my dad & my sister in describing their energy in life:

"Happy people are beautiful. if somebody walks in the room and they're drop-dead gorgeous, they're fun to look at. But if someone is giving of their spirit and they make you laugh and feel good, that's a whole other level of beauty"
~ actress Drew Barrymore

When my dad died at the early age of 49, I was sad and sickened with grief. I was only 24 and needed my dad. As you know, I grew stregnth and bonded even more with my siblings and decided to find gratitude. I chose to be grateful for having my wonderful dad for the 24 years I did. I could have had a terrible dad or no dad at all. So therefore I changed my sorrow from grief to gratitude and with my open heart and mind, I am able to feel his presence around me. He is gone, but I am not alone.


Laurie Kolp said...

Jeni- Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful man (actually he reminds me a lot of Pete). I have no doubt that he has guided you through these years- you just didn't know it at first, but now with Mary, it's become very obvious what wonderful things God can do. Have a blessed day (and thanks so much for calling me on my birthday- it meant the world to me). Love you!!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

Your dad does sounds like a wonderful man. He and Mary are together. They are both sending signs to show you that they love you every day. I can't imagine what it felt like to loose your dad at such a young age. I remember how devastated Mary was...she called me and was sooooo devastated. God gives a new life to those who leave us on Earth and it is a much better life. I love you,