Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday blues with a splash of Red

I woke up a little on the down side this morning and was feeling the loss of my sister. It started this weekend, when I came across Mary's Life Story that she had sent me, just months before she passed. I read it and even drafted a blog about it, but chose not to publish it. My sweet lil Mary, struggled so bad in the end. She wanted so much to be happy again. Oh how she deserved it.... she was so good. She was always helping and encouraging even when her life was crumbling around her. Such an inspiration she was.

It was a rainy morning and it took all my might to get out of bed. I hate feeling this way but know it's a part of life. In an attempt to lighten my mood and ask for help, I started to say the Serenity Prayer over & over in my head. I do this alot on my way to the train and it usually helps. I must have said it three times. Nothing. Nothing was lifting my mood. As I left my apartment complex I heard the familiar chirp of my cardinal. I looked in my rear view mirror in hopes for a glimpse of red, but saw nothing. I must have missed her. I continued on my ride ~ off to work I go. I figured it was just "going to be one of those days"...... then all of a sudden a flash of bright red flew in front of my car, flying slow enough for my sleepy eyes to see. I knew right then and there it was a special visit just for me........ to cheer me up! hmmmm, something Mary would do!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Awww- I'm sorry you were down, but glad your cardinal cheered you up.
Love ya,