Saturday, May 22, 2010

Playing dress up

These were the days. Woodway Square Memories. 1995-1998! The best times, the best neighborhood, the best apartment. I had my own walk in closet that would fit a twin bed, dresser and nightstand (if I tried) .... hehe! It was fun filling it and even more fun playing dress up with my lil sisters. They would come over and say "Let's go through Jeni's closet".....

Mary in the beautiful cardinal red, me in the powdery blue and
Lisa in the hot to trot black dress with rhinestones!

Mary had on hot red 3" heels to match, I was in my 2 1/2" clear healed with fainted gold straps & Lisa, well....we put her in lower black heels. She is the tall one of us!

Everyone came to our home for all occassions. Every weekend was filled with family and friends fun!

Awwww ~ Woodway Square! So many memories to Cherish....
for all of us!

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Laurie Kolp said...

You all looked so gorgeous! Beautiful picture, Jeni.