Sunday, June 20, 2010

Divine Cardinal Love - thank you Dad!

Today ~ the Day after Fathers Day ~ I was thinking how lucky I was to have had my dad as long as I did. He was such an incredible man full of peace and love! No judgments, only encouragement to be the best we could be and unconditional LOVE!
I was thinking about this day 9 years ago ~ (the day after Fathers day). I had finally had "ENOUGH"! I asked Chad to help me get help. I don't know what it was that made me finally give in. I will admit - I could be very stubborn in my day. I believe there was some divine intervening. I didn't realize this at the time until my cry for help happened again 3 months later in September- (the day after my dad's death day). My mind became clearer and as I thought about those dates, I realized my dad in Heaven had something to do with my cries for Help!

As I was walking Honey, I was thinking about all of this and mentally speaking to my dad, thanking him for still being with me, guiding me, loving me and never leaving my side! All of a sudden out of the sky a beautiful red cardinal flew to the fence straight ahead. He was only 30 feet away and was looking straight at me. Then he decided to get a little closer and flew to the ground only 10 feet away. I just stood there in amazement, wondering if this was for real. Just as I was thinking and talking to my dad ~ my cardinal appears. All of a sudden, there was chirping all around me. I felt like Angels were up in the trees as the little red bird was on the ground staring up at me.

I was touched and comforted by divine love!

The holes in my heart are mending with each touch I receive!


Laurie Kolp said...

Proof that you are not alone...and that your dad and Mary are so proud of you. God is so wonderful!! Love you, Jeni...and I adore this new blog look!

The Mendez Family said...

I love the new look, sis! I get the new posts you write sent straight to my email so I don't get to see any full blog updates when I read your posts.
Thanks for telling me about it. I really, really like it!
I love you sis and miss talking with you! Victor was just mentioning that we all need to just put our bucks together and get you down here! :) Sooo...when would you like to come visit us??

JFranc said...

I am very sorry to hear about your losses. I enjoyed reading your content on your page. I see that your blog is dedicated to one who passed. I am trying to get a blog started myself about those who passed. If you could check it out and maybe help I would greatly appreciate it., thank you.

Jeni said...

Thank you JFranc! your blog is a sweet cherish ~ I hope it does for you as mine has done for me. I will share it with others like you and me - loving our loved ones who are with us in spirit now.