Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mary's 20 year HS Reunion cntd.....

So much love Mary ~ you were represented so
beautifully at your HS Reunion sis.

Your best friend Kerri (since jr. high), stood by your table all night long. Missing you, loving you and being there with you! She drove all the way from Missouri.! It was a last minute decision she felt compelled to do ~ JUST FOR YOU! She even brought you your favorite flowers - SUNFLOWERS! The table looked beautiful. A memorial book full of Mary accomplishments, lavender candles, a cardinal, a collage picture frame and lil cards with our picture and this website address on them for your classmates to take..... to share Mary memories as they may come or to just visit to remember!
We love you Ker Bear- you will always be a part of our family!!

Here's a picture of our sis Lisa & Jenn ~ the reunion coordinator. What a beautiful soul Jenn is. We have been in contact over the last year in preparation for things to make for your memorial table. It turned out beautiful, but I think the loved ones around it made it shine even more.
Lisa with Tim ~ what a great guy he was to you sis! He was a boyfriend we all loved! He shares wonderful Mary memories with me all the time! He was a Mary fan all the way - still is! He drove all the way from Tampa, Florida just for you.......

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