Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Red Wish

Another foot of snow here on Long Island.... a record amount of snowfall here for the month of January.
Trains aren't running so I am able to take my time in shoveling the foot of snow off my SUV. Just before I do, I stood there bundled up from head to toe with shovel in hand and thought to myself:
"I wish Mary's kids were here with me.
They would have so much fun helping me with this"

Just as my thought ended I saw a flash of red fly above my head.
Then I heard the chirp chirp chirp of my cardinal. There it was ~ up in the tree! Literally just staring at me. It stayed an unusually long amount of time. Maybe a full 5 minutes. I don't know. I was just having so much fun. My giggles were uncontrollable. I knew it was for me. I even caught a picture. Not very good, but its there nonetheless.

If you look closely at the picture, you will even see iridescent colors in and around the tree.
This is no coincidence.... how could it be?

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Linda Armstrong said...

No doubt you have a soul connection to your sister Mary. It's really something how you can have a real life connection with her and feel her presence at different moments as you go about your life.