Monday, September 10, 2012

Loving Dad Forever

In LOVING Memory of the greatest dad! 19 years ago today he became my angel! How lucky I was to have had him for my dad ~ I am who I am today because of him! (well my mom had some help in the loving department)..... xoxo

I posted this on FB and received so much love.... I have to share it here.  I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life sharing their love and memories:

Mary's friend Melissa M:
 I remember this day. :) I found a picture of all
Of us when you came
To brown wood ! I think you were 16! :)

cousin Jessica C:
 He looks so much like grandpa combs! He was such a nice guy; just like grandpa in that way too!

cousin Brian C:
 He was really a great person to be around... I'm thankful for having been able to spend some time with him that year.

Sister in-law Susie B:
 That's a great picture! What a lovely tribute to him!

my friend Danielle G:
 And he had an angel for a daughter ... Xo

friend Jonathan D:
Stylin' with the Pat Magees shirt!

my SSS Jen D:
♥ Thinking of you SSS!

friend Mary S:
♥ ♥ ♥ your way...

cousin Rachel G:
Awww sending ♥ your way!

sweet friend Sally P:
 prayers and thoughts are with you and a Big HUG too

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