Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lil Red Love Bug

Kelsey got a Lil red VW lovebug for Christmas!
Why do I think her mommy Mary in heaven had something to do with this?

On top of the amazing fact that the car is red like a cardinal, it also had very special numbers in the odometer when Kelsey got it yesterday "47235" - Kelsey has been seeing 723 everywhere and these numbers have some synchro meaning to her.   It was pretty special to find them right in the middle of the mileage! Love these signs.....

Mary loved VW lovebugs since we were kids. Our dad had a green one that we did some traveling in. Some good memories were made with the lovebug :)..... Mary even told me once that if she were to ever get a tattoo, it would be of a VW bug! I remember that day and that conversation as if it were yesterday - I think it was like 13 years ago - lol! We were driving together to Austin to go to my girlfriend Tina's bachelorette party - so much fun we had! I told her I'd get a star tattoo if she got a VW bug tattoo. If we stayed in Austin any longer than we did, we woulda done it! Oh pooh - if only.....

It's so fun being Kelsey's aunt - loving our Mary together - keeping her spirit alive! Chirp chirp Beep beep! Look out Texas - Kelsey is on the road.

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