Saturday, April 20, 2013

Soul Sisters

This post is dedicated to my soul sisters - an amazing group of women I am blessed to be connected to.  I truly believe with the divine help of each of our angels, brought us together, allowing us to "know" this.

Jen (aka: Ladybug Whispers), Mary M. (aka: Southern Sweet Tea), Mary S. (aka: Mary Soliel, Author), Alexa (aka: Your Beautiful Life), Liz Z. (aka: Powered by Hope), Sue, Cindy, Lisa (aka: Wrapped In Love), Lynne (aka: Walking with the Black Dog) and Me (aka: Little Red Bird Chirps)

A sisterhood of Love, Hope and Synchronicities! Each giving it away selflessly in hopes that their love will make a difference in one persons life! Angels on earth! Knowing "What matters most" ~ YOU!

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