Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday Love

My dear Kelsey - keeping her mommy's memory alive!  The two of us attached by an invisible string of love. When you truly love someone with all your heart,  they never leave you, no matter how far apart.....

Kelsey sent me this beautiful picture for my Birthday this year.  A nostalgic picture of Mary and me on Mary's wedding day 12-31-94.  What a perfect picture frame for a perfect day with my angel, my sister, my MARY!

Everything Kelsey does seems to have Mary's touch in it..... even the card she picked out was perfect with what has been going on this year with all the feathers.  When I spoke to Kelsey thanking her for the beautiful gift she said she didn't even realize at the time that the card had a feather on it.

She filled the Birthday card with old pictures - memories - pictures I had sent to her mom or had taken of her mom when we were together.  Here are a few - she chose some fun ones to give back.  Mary and I at her bachelorette party, Mary in her roller blades, Chad  being silly at Fajita Flats....

This blog post is true to the title of this blog... keeping our Memories to Cherish!  
Thank you Kelsey for being you ~ I love you!

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