Friday, January 17, 2014

Mary Memory

I just LOVE how Mary's memories are being cherished all they time! 

Her friend/classmate Jennifer Grammer has brought a glow to my smile that 
radiates from the warmth I feel in my heart.  She posted this fun little find on 
my FB wall Saturday 1/11/14 - I shared it with Kelsey and it made her smile too ~ 
She had never seen this picture before and was blown away by how much she 
looked like her mom here back in 1986 - love the black and red checkered shirt :)!  
So cute!  Actually I think that was my shirt - LOL

Thank you AGAIN Jennifer for also sharing this beautiful Angel poem with loving words of Mary to me, I can't tell you enough how special this is to me!

Messages of love from our Mary up above!

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