Friday, February 27, 2015

Morning Dove wish

Since I've moved into my new home last fall, I've been blessed with a beautiful assortment of birds visiting my yard.  Blue Jays, cardinals, black eyed juncos, chickadees and finches.  I love them all. But.... there are two very special birds to me in addition to my cardinals, that had taken residency in my yard at my old home after my sister passed away:  the Robin and the Mourning Dove
I had come to enjoy their presence in both sight and sound at my old home.  I haven't seen either in my new home.
In the last couple months, I've said out loud to my husband as I look out my window at the bird feeders I have placed in my yard,  "I miss my mourning doves.  I wish they would come to me."  Then I would wonder if they would find me......

This morning as I raised the blinds, I noticed a little bird under the bird feeder that was just sitting there. I couldn't tell what it was right away because the birds have made a hole in the snow just beneath the bird feeder and it's gotten pretty deep.  I looked closer and got my binoculars..... IT WAS A MOURNING DOVE!!!!

It's the simple things that make me happy. Like the appearance of a special kind of bird that I've been wishing for since I moved to my new house. 
A Mourning dove has finally found its way to me..... 🐦.
I saw her just sitting beneath the bird feeder this morning in the hole in the snow the other birds have made. HAPPY FRIDAY my friends.... Believe in the magic ~ wishes do come true. Just stay aware and Believe 💛

I am so happy to be so blessed... I am heard and my wishes do come true

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