Sunday, August 16, 2015

Emma Marie brings Magic

July 22, 2015
Emma Marie was born.... my newest lil niece and first child for my brother David and his beautiful wife Amanda.

Emma was our sister Mary's middle name and Marie is mine... what a gift lil Emma Marie is!

Our Mary was always the one who was so excited for babies.  I have felt her excitement from the very start......  There are many times I believe she has guided me to special gifts to buy for our loved ones at special times and I just know that these are gifts from her not me.

The gift for Emma Marie she guided me to was a LRB fan named Mary, who ended up making this custom order quilt for me.  So many synchronicities  with this gift.  The LRB fan, Mary is from a town in Louisiana close to where our sister in laws family is from.  Mary has grandchildren in the same town where my brother and sister in live.  She posted a comment on LRB one day that she liked a picture and would love to use it in a quilt..... I told her I was thinking of having a quilt made for my special lil niece and that's how it all began.
Magical Mary Quilt

The morning Emma was born I was at my kitchen table looking out into my backyard and noticed the most beautiful Monarch butterfly.  I remember seeing a caterpillar in our yard on a few weeks before.
An hour later,  i got the news that Emma too had arrived!  I connected the two and it made me smile.

I made plans to fly to Texas as soon as I could.   

The magic continues..... 
The night before I'm about to fly out,  a dozen ladybugs filled my front patio.  What a beautiful sight that was......
On the way to the airport a Cardinal truck is driving alongside of me.......
As my plane lands in Houston and is rolling up to the gate,  I look out the window and the first thing I see is a dragonfly hovering around outside of my window.  I was speechless - I  couldn't believe my eyes.  Were they deceiving me?  This was the best picture I could get from my seat.
THEN..... that evening, the most unbelievable surprise of all.  As we were relaxing around the pool that evening,  the largest most beautiful dragonfly lands on me and stays until I make it leave.  It was magical - so sweet - my brother even got a 5 minute long video of us playing with it.
That same day that I arrived,  the beautiful quilt arrived too.   It was supposed to have gotten there days before, but fate would have it to arrive so I could answer the door.  
I have had a lot of magic happen since my Mary passed away but this is the most amazing sequence of  events  - showing us how excited Mary is and how she is still very much a part of our lives!
Loving Mary Forever, Amen!

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Unknown said...

Emma is my mom's name. She passed on 11/11/15
So connected.
Thank you for LRB and sharing this with me.