Thursday, March 31, 2016

Love my Mary authors

You have to believe a little, that's what makes you feel alive.  The light of faith, of magic - of love - nudges the part of you that gets excited about life and living and that makes the difference between living and existing. 
~from the book "the power of twin soul love" by Mary Dunlop

"Think of synchronicity as God speaking to you. He speaks through signs and symbols, yet they often go unnoticed. Just as an angel’s presence often goes unnoticed. But one day, synchronicities and angels and all the gifts of the Universe will become so very apparent that they will be impossible to ignore any longer. Then, magic and miracles are yours. It will be glorious."
~ Archangel Michael, from "Michael's Clarion Call"
Mary Soliel, Channel, Gazer & Author