Friday, January 20, 2017

A Blog post about my Mary Blog

Hello -- I was so taken with your story about your sister, I wrote about it. I hope you don't mind. I felt her story would speak to a lot of people. Much love to you, today, Jeni. --Sincerely, Jennifer.

A blog post of my Mary Blog?!!?  Wow.. what a sweet honor and a blessing, to have our Mary's message being shared.  All I hope for is to inspire hope and to give those in wonderment or despair a piece of the magic Mary is showing us all through me.

Here is just one section of the beautifully written blog post by Jennifer McCollum:

Throughout her blog, Jeni has recorded signs — feathers, cardinals, orbs and more — pointing to Mary’s ongoing love and presence in her life. Above all, she has recorded their love. It was a faithful lamp that caressed the blinding fog of life. It streamed across the moonless ocean of this busted, broken world and shined even as Mary died.

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