Thursday, March 1, 2018

March is my Mary Month

This year marks 10 years since my Mary left us.  Her presence is very much felt and she sends signs all the time, but certain months she seems to show her presence more.  This month is one of those months...

It started with a random email I received from a client offering BOX tickets to a METS game on 3/31, the day before Easter this year (Mary past away the day before Easter 2008), playing against the CARDINALS!!  Ha ️....
Coincidence?  No way!

Then this:
I left my house to the beautiful song of a cardinal singing while another was just chirping. It was coming from the front and back trees.  I stood there in my driveway staring up into the trees. Smiling. 😂My husband must think I'm crazy... Lol... But he's so good, he doesn't say anything.  He knows they bring me peace and hope - little reminders of what really matters.  For that, he keeps quiet, I know it.  So, I dedicate today to him!  My own National #ilovemyhusband day!

I also received random red roses today from a resident and tulips from a very close friend of mine.  This friend was there for me at Mary's wake and funeral like no other.  She was there like the dark eyed Junco is with the Cardinal. This friendship was new and it was then that I realized she was going to be my friend for life.  I consider all these randomness gifts from my Mary!!!

Oh and an out of the blue text from Mary's daughter, my beautiful Niece Kelsey saying she was thinking if me!

I am so blessed!  

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