Friday, May 31, 2019


 Sam 5-31-19

Life really is so delicate and precious.  Every moment should be cherished and love should be given more freely, without a second thought. 

I got some news Wednesday night that shocked my heart and made me cry.  A dear dear friend who I used to work with was diagnosed with  colon cancer and caught it too late.  

I was told he only had a short amount of time left so I had to see him as soon as I could.... That was tonight, in his home with his beautiful family staying so strong, telling me how grateful they were to have him as their dad even if for only this long.  His brother broke my heart as he told me something close to my own heart, he said he was truly losing his best friend.  Yes, I cried.

But my friend Sam was surrounded by so much love it warmed my heart knowing how many lives are better because he was in it...his light will live on in all of us because of the kind loving memories he supplied us with. 

Thank you Sam!  

Oh and as I stepped out of the taxi in front of my friends home, there was a feather of love right at my feet.... Giving me extra stregnth as I could stay strong.   Thank you my angels of love from above for never letting me down. ❤️👼

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