Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sisterhood Memories Cherished

Mary Mary Mary~
What can I say, but to know you was to love you! Your life, your love, your generosity and sweet sweet soul is undeniably the most precious gift I was blessed with. I wish you weren't gone. I miss you. You lifted me up all the time, even when you were down in the dumps. You made me feel like a star. I knew you sincerely adored me, how lucky was I. I don't know why. I only hope you know how much I adored you too...I tried to tell you over & over, did you believe me?
You have broken my heart Mary... I know you were in pain, but it wasn't anything taking your life over. Don't you know how much I need you? Your kids need you? Your entire family needs you! I can't be mad at you... what good would it do? I just miss you and want you back. My sweet lil sis. Is there something I could have done? Should I have moved back to Texas? Please tell me you're okay. I want to see you ~ I want to feel your spirit. No'one - Nothing compares to you my Mary. I don't care what you did. I loved you anyway.
Please visit me somehow - wipe my tears away and tell me you still love me.
I love you always & forever...
Your sister, friend & No. 1 fan!!

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Laurie Kolp said...

I can feel your pain, Jeni. Mary was very special to everyone she met. She had a way of just making us feel good. My life has been changed forever because of Mary. One thing's for sure- I pray a lot more. It always helps me feel connected to her.