Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Angel ~ My Star!

My lil angel (that is what our dad called us) ~ Your heart radiated a light as bright as the sun.
Even through the pain, your love shined through!
I tried so hard to give you my hope... transfer my faith to heal your misery and touch your soul.
You are in peace now, I feel it! I pray for the day to see you and say to you - soul to soul, "You are and always have been my shining star! I loved you just as you are...My dear Sister, my dear Friend ~ I loved you to the end. Now is forever and I rejoice to be with you. Eternity is our new end!!

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Laurie Kolp said...

You did the best you could, but Mary had too many obstacles in the way. Now she is free. She loved you so much, Jen- she told me stories about growing up and things you did. You were always on her mind. Cherish those memories. Mary is still with you.