Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moments to Love

Two Beans from the same pot
Kelsey, Kelsey Kelsey~ so funny! I have to write about her thoughts on Chili that she mentioned to me the other day. I laughed so hard!
I asked Kelsey the other night what she was having for supper. Her reply was:

"We're having left over chili, but it doesn't have ANY beans. What the heck are
people thinking of making a chili without beans! It's not chili without

I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. Only because just the week before Chad & I were grocery shopping picking out some chili to make with macaroni noodles (mine & Mary's way - we loooooved Chili mac), and Chad picked out some chili with-out beans. I had the same emotional reaction Kelsey had. Pure passion about the fact that:

"It's not chili if it has no beans!"

I told him so! Almost word for word what Kelsey said to me. So many lil things like that bring me closer to my sweet lil neice. She is a lil replica of Mary & has alot of my personality too. I cried sweet tears when I hung up the phone and swore I would never forget that moment that bonded me to my neice so many miles away.

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Laurie Kolp said...

I'd love the recipe! I agree - chili must have beans! All of those things are great reminders of Mary and how she lives on. Love you!