Monday, June 8, 2009

Amazing Connections

The most amazing thing happened to me today:

I was at work today... crazy Monday of course! Then, after finishing a phone call, I look up and see a little lady standing in my doorway just smiling a peaceful smile at me. She was wearing a white scarf around her head, dressed in a simple black dress and looked as if she was waiting for me to invite her in. I smiled at her and said, "come in, come in - how are you?" She put her hand to her mouth, tilted her head and I could see she was still smiling. She tried to say something but couldn't say anything i would understand. She spoke no english. So she called out for her son, "Amir, Amir" and Amir appeared from the lobby. He kindly apologized and said, "My mom likes you, she wanted to come by to see you and say Hi". I was so flattered and told him to tell her thank you. She started speaking to him to translate. She was asking me if I was getting married in August. I was stunned and say, "Yes, but how did she know that"? He just laughed and said she was guessing. He said I had a glow. I was baffled and thanked her again. Amir's mother kept speaking to him to give me more information she wanted to say. She was saying to him that I will be with baby this time next year. I should hurry - something due to my age. I couldn't believe my ears. How in the world?! Then she said she sees two babies. She was just smiling and speaking so happily - hoping her son was relaying the message correctly. He told me she was wishing me happiness and blessings. I don't know how to describe the warmth I felt from her even though I didn't understand a word she said. Her kind, loving energy was flowing right to me.

Little did they know that I had a reading from
two seperate intuitive counselors that said the same thing.

Amir came back a little later and said he forgot to tell me that his mother was also telling me that one of the babies was going to be a boy and he was going to be tall, a big boy.

This was such a sweet and amazing connection that I couldn't wait to share it with Chad and my friends. All amazed!

As I was siting on the train headed home, looking out the window telling my friend Tina all about it, guess what flew right by my window ~ yup, a bright red cardinal!! I look out the train window EVERYDAY & never have i seen that. It flew right in my view and over the train. I couldn't believe my eyes. It seems like some sort of confirmation if you ask me......

The craziest thing is that I was wondering recently if someone would ever tap into my energy and give me a psychic reading.

Never a dull moment when your heart and soul are open for the surprises life has to offer!


Laurie Kolp said...

Aww- so sweet! I have a feeling this will come true- just believe! Love you!

Susan said...

how awesome!
can't wait to see you in August!
love you

Ker said...

Very cool!!! I didn't know about your interest in having babies..Am I jumping to conclusions??? Just think..if Kelsey and Brett decide to come live with will have four kids :)