Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Fond Memories.....

Would you believe it, the same day i posted my last blog with the only comments that were saved from the Broussards website, I got an e-mail from one of the friends that signed the web guestbook ~ Mary's good friend Christie. I have never heard from her and it was a pleasure to receive this e-mail (all the way from Germany). Another connection to my dear sis. Mary was so dedicated to her work and her family, that she didn't have alot of time to establish too many close friendships... but the ones she had were pure! One by one, I am being brought together with them! How wonderful it is to share our love for and fond memories of Mary.

Maybe I can start a fan club - I will be President.....

I'd like to share the special heart felt memories Christie shared with me in her e-mail so you can see how Mary inspired and encouraged her:

Hi, I can't believe it has been over a year since everything happened but I am thankful for the time I got to see her in February last year. Alot of the times when i am swimming I think of her and how when I worked out with her in Nederland she always pushed me to go farther and try harder than any person has every pushed me to do before. My family and I recently moved to Germany and it is crazy how the movers came to our house in the states packed everything up and when I got here and unpacked I have so many things that use to not mean much but know that she is gone they mean sooo much and i could never part with them...little things like swim caps we use to collect and notes she would write in my swimming programs before my races (insperational messages is what I call them) I even have pictures of me and the kids I miss them so much. I have tried to e-mail and call bryan to check on them all but he never replys, are the kids doing ok? I am not sure if you know but my daughter got to meet Mary when I saw her last and it was incredible the way she took so well to her and the kids, she is normally shy around new people. We are having another baby soon, I am due January 9th and I wish that this kid would have gotten the chance to meet the one person that inspired me in highschool and still does to this day. It is not many times in life where you come across someone that makes true footprints on your heart and lets you know that no matter what you are worth it and teaches you to be strong when life takes a rough turn, she did all those things for me and I looked up to her in high school and will continue to look up to here in heaven for advise throughout my life.
I hope you are doing well and coping with everything. Remember she is always with you and she loves you alot. The last time i visited her she talked about you, she told me how you were the person she had been relying on and talking on the phone with you was one of the best parts of the day for her and that she was stronger because of you.

Stay strong!
Like all of us, she was touched by an angel.


The Mendez Family said...

Wow, I remember taking this picture and it seems like yesterday. It's hard to really believe that she is gone. There is just an emptiness without her here. She had so much love and energy to share with those who were blessed to know her. I'm sad my children won't have that same privelege. :(

kerri said...

What a sweet girl! Mary touched everyone she ever met. I miss her!!!


Laurie Kolp said...

I remember when she came to visit- Mary was so happy!!!