Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding Shower Gifts from Above

It was Friday afternoon and I left work on-time for a change. I was so happy & excited about my wedding shower the next morning (5/30/09). I know ~ it wasn't a surprise. That's okay. I've been getting other surprises that make up for what is normally supposed to be a surprise. (I like it that way better anyway!). So, it's still daylight out as I head home from the train and I took my normal everyday route. Something seemed different - purple ribbons were tied all over the place.... trees, stop signs, light poles! I couldn't figure out what or why. Then all of a sudden I had a thought - MARY!! Mary wanted me to see them because she was excited with me about my shower. As everyone knows, lavender and purple are my colors! I was so excited about the mysterious ribbons that I got home and dragged Chad out of the house before it got dark & made him drive the route to see my purple ribbons!
Early Saturday morning I woke up to the chirp, chirp, chirp of the cardinal. I hear them alot, but there was something special in this over active chirp. Plus it was 5:30 in the morning!! Yikes!! I woke up, heard the cardinals, thought of Mary, smiled and went back to sleep.

Chad & I had to pick up the little finger sandwiches we had ordered from my new lil spot "Robinson's Tea Room". I love this lil place, hidden away.... did I mention that the owner (Loretta) has a cardinal story too? I know this because she has a cardinal on the wreath of her doorway & I mentioned how I love cardinals.... the story began. Instant connection. Anyway, as we pull up to the Tea Room, only one parking spot was left and guess what standing in the middle of it as if it was holding it for us: A Robin!! Guess what time it was: 11:11!! That time is very significant to me. I see the clock everytime it is that time. That happens to be the last day I say my Mary 11/11/07, so to me it's a sign from Mary that she is with me & wants me to know it!

These were some of my wedding shower gifts from above. I love you Mary ~

Then............... the shower!!! Courtney, Chad & Lisa surprised me by buying a ticket for my mom to show up at my shower & surprise me! That she did! I couln't re enact that surprise if my life depended on it. That's okay, Courtney got it on film :)! So many gifts. How lucky am I??

P.S. Did i mention that it was Kelsey's 13th B-day the same day as my shower? Yes, I spoke to her - a couple times.... she was very sad, missing her mommy! I gave her words of love and encouragement and reminded her that she has Me, Aunt Lisa, Uncle David & her G'ma to help her keep her mommy's spirit alive. She seemed to be happy with that. Her G'ma Jojo was taking her & 3 friends to the Houston Galleria to stay the night in the Hotel there and go shopping for her special B-day & even agreed to take her & her friends to try on her Bridesmaid dress choices.


Laurie Kolp said...

You look so beautiful- I am so glad your wedding shower day was full of wondeful surprises- and to know Mary was with you- that is awesome! Can't wait to see more pics!

I am sorry Kelsey was sad on her b-day, but yet, it's good to know she's still thinking of her mom. Mary will always be in her & Brett's heart. It sounds like she had a spectacular b-day, though.

Susan said...

Love it Love it love it! I love your Mary sightings!
Can't wait to see you in August! xoxo

Kerri said...

So, when I looked at this picture...I first thought it was you, then I thought it was Mary, and then I thought it was Kelsey! Mary always put her hands up to her face when she got excited, so I was in some dream, or something!!!

Anyhow, once I read the blog..I of course realized that it was very beautiful! I love that your mom was able to be there with you. That was such a precious gift. Your family is so loving and thoughtful! I hope you felt incredibly blessed on that very special day. I missed you, but thought of you throughout the day.

Love ya,

Kerri said...

Mary made it know that she would be with you at your shower, Jeni! She wouldn't miss it for the world. She loves you so very much!! I am so happy for you, sweet friend.