Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Things from bad Circumstances!

I really feel like Mary is working lil wonders up there for me! Making Good things happen out of normally bad circumstances. Everything happens for a reason & I am happy about this:
My wonderful photographer who did a beautiful job on our pre-wedding pics in Brooklyn, had to cancel for our wedding due to a life changing opportunity. I of course was happy for her opportunity, but very unhappy about our most important day.
We took our chances and called a photog that was on our original list & chances were OURS! She was available for our date..... now we just had to decline the offer of our original photog. We actually loved this photog from the start but didn't meet with her because we met the first one first & went with her.

What a beautiful outcome...... Chad & I are so happy!!!


Laurie Kolp said...

There seem to always be last minute kinks when planning a wedding. I am so glad you have God in your life to lead you through.

Love ya~ Laurie

Kerri said...

The new photographer will probably be the best one of the two! Things just work out that way...I love this black and white photo! Very cool!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi jen