Saturday, July 25, 2009

Signs, Signs,Signs!

So much going on... 12 days to the wedding! Mary is showing herself everywhere.

Last Sunday, we celebrated our neice Haley's B-day at Anthony & Nancy's and in a picture I took of Chad's mom holding Courney's new lil baby "Jaelyn", the blue orb was there..... it's been a while and I'd been wondering if one would surface soon. I've missed them. They are signs to me that Mary is around. What a gift.

Thursday I got home from work and was sitting in my car talking to Mary's dear friend Laurie on the phone waiting for the rain to lessen. As I sat there talking to her, a beautiful red cardinal flew to the bush that was right in front of my parked car. I was so shocked and so happy that I screeled in delight. Laurie was just as happy! I see the cardinals in back of my apartment, but never in the parking area, let alone in the pouring rain. What a blessing, what a miracle. Mary comes through. I've had a rough month at work and my personal time is filled with wedding "to-do's".

Today I had to go meet the director of our venue and give them our final bill for the wedding! My appointment was at 11. I was waiting in the lobby and decided to check my phone. As I did, a wave a peace came over me when I saw that it was 11:11. i kind of just sat there in a state of shock and was wondering if I could get my camera out in time before the minute turned. Luck would have it ~ I did! The meeting went well, actually so well that we are getting a lil refund due to our human error of adding 2 too many guests. That's a nice surprise.

As I am writing this, I have the blinds drawn to the ceiling so I can enjoy the beautiful summer sun and hope to see my lil red friend. Well, no lil red friend right now, but my special Robin who I rarely see out back (he's usually in the front), is standing in the mulch right outside my window waiting for me. It's quiet out back today, my bird feeder is empty :(. Only the birds of love still come for me to see. My redhead house finch is now looking at me. I'm so lucky!


Kerri said...

What is 11:11? Maybe I am being ditsy, but I can't think of the symbolism. My time is 6:33, because it reminds me of Matthew 6:33. It appears around me a lot and I love to see it. It brings me such peace and comfort to see those numbers.

Laurie Kolp said...

I was so happy to talk to you, too and know that Mary was with's good to be back!