Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Mary!

My birthday is not the same without you sis ~ First it's yours - July 31st, then 6 days later, it's mine! It's been that way for years. We used to celebrate together as kids since we were so close.

Well, I'm still going to celebrate your Birthday sis, I made your favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting the first year you were gone (or is that mine?! he-he), lavender cupcakes with your kids last year and this year I'll make special chocolate chip cookies for you - but I'll be sure to pick some chips out and eat them from the cookie dough, just the way you used to.
I told you that you were not going to be forgotten!!! No way ~ you were way too incredible and way too special to forget. I'm keeping your kids close sis...... as if they were my own!

Happy Birthday beautiful sis!!

We celebrate your infectious smile, your ever so giving love, your zest for life and now your memory!

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Laurie Kolp said...

I thought about you all day yesterday, Jeni. I'm so glad you are channeling all of your emotions positively. I know Mary is celebrating with you!