Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lavender Orb

Have you ever just done something for no other reason than you felt like you should? That's how I felt about taking this random picture....

Chad's mom has this beautiful new camera that takes the best pictures ~ she was just snapping away on this nice 4th of July day!

I took the camera from her and felt compelled to just take a few random pictures in the direction that I did. No reason - just felt I should. I thought to myself and wondered "maybe, just maybe an orb was going to appear".

Well, I was right - a very special orb appeared this picture. I couldn't believe my eyes ~ a LAVENDER ORB! If you look just above it to the right, you will see a faint white orb near it and then if you look even closer, an irridescent circle is kind of seen around the two. A very similar orb showed up in a picture of me with my brother David & sister Lisa on this very same deck the night before the wedding. (It's in my "Always near" blog post on 8-16-09)

I've been very in tune with my lavender lately. It seems that mother nature is growing alot of Lavender, purple and yellow flowers this year. I see them everywhere in the landscapes of homes, developments and even the wild flowers. I associate Lavender with Mary - she loved it and has led me to believe that it is a healing color as well as the Lavender plant itself. The myth or belief has proven me right - my wedding colors were lavender! Several comments were made to me that night how the energy of that night was just full of love and peace.

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Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- that is amazing, Jeni! Mary is still with you and always will be. Love, laurie